In the last few years, we’ve witnessed some clever and witty responses from the social media handles of some cool giants. Be it Zomato’s dig at Radhika Apte’s or Netflix’s response to Zomato, readers have always enjoyed the battle.

We have again witnessed a hysterical Twitter battle between Vita Coco and Tony Posnanski, who, according to his Twitter bio, is an owner of an all you can eat egg restaurant.

Well, the battle began when Tony quote tweeted Vita Coco to hit coconut water.

And then this happened.

Guess what?

The company’s social media person fucking peed in a Jar and tweeted it back asking for the address. Even if they had pretended to pee, they still stole the moment and won the battle. Also, the company has now made this picture as their brand’s profile picture on Twitter.

This hilarious battle between them just gave a good laugh to the netizens.

Don’t mess with Vita Coco.

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