There’s a saying, When you get sloshed at nights, your phone becomes your enemy. And a wise man once said, Keep your enemies away from you. We often have heard and seen some hilarious drunk-texts to exes. When you lose the inhibitions, you end up making bad decisions. And texting to your ex is one of the bad decisions. Drunk-texts are the most embarrassing ones. When the Hangover actually gets over, you realize the blunder.

So this lady from the United States, drunk-texted her Mom asking, “Was I on time, in terms of you giving birth to me?” She surely was sloshed and curious to know about the victory.

What’s more interesting is that her Mother actually responded to her text. Next morning, her Mother texted her saying, “Right on time. Couldn’t have been MORE perfect !”

Forget ex, drunk-text you mom instead.

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