Remember all the Road trips? Those pit spots, Chai&Sutta, and peeing on the roadside. Well, it has always been much easier for boys. But how often have you seen girls doing the same?

When it comes to peeing on the roadside, girls show their apprehensions. Due to poor sanitation in India, they suffer a lot. Either they hold their pee or urinate in the unclean, public toilets. Now, the risk of getting UTI increases exponentially.

Since 71% percent of the public washrooms are unclean, this increases the risk of UTI. To curb this issue, a Delhi based start-up has invented a Stand and Pee device, Sanfe. The device lets you pee while standing. It has bio-degradable material and it’s easily disposable. It’s affordable, and costs you Rs.10/piece. Also, it’s menstruation friendly.

Why should boys have all the fun?

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