Who said that free stuff can get you good jiffy? Though I can’t tell you about free food and dresses, I can guarantee you that free videos rather web series, especially on YouTube, are worth your time.

Indians are more attracted to web series rather than Bollywood dramas and daily soaps. Bidding a forever bye to daily soaps and nonsensical Bollywood genre, many web series of different genres and plots have come up providing a very critical, emotional and value-based content that the youth can easily fall for by comparing their own lives with it.

Here are a few web-series you should bing-watch this weekend.


With great fantasies and romance, Soulmates is about two ex-schoolmates, who bump into each other on a trip to Shillong. The series is all about love and positive vibes. It’s one of those shows which can’t be afforded to be missed.

The Reunion

The series revolves around six friends and their lives. The series is all about friendship, indifferent lifestyles, dreams and togetherness seen in different seasons. Catch up the cliques’ lives in different seasons.

Humorously Yours

Though this series is full of jokes and sarcastic liners, it revolves around a very serious issue as it shows a struggling life of stand up comedian by emphasizing a protagonist. The series is full of comedy and would make every people laugh including the grumpy ones.


Though fiction, it showcases every being of reality that one learns while achieving dreams as every step of life has a price to give with unavoidable circumstances emphasizing the life of Spandan Chukya.

101 Great Indian Ghost Stories

This series is definitely for those who love thriller and ghastly elements. This series tells viewers about the most haunted and lesser known places in India that have some cases of being paranormal.

What The Folks

We have seen girls shifting to another house and adjusting herself with the in-laws but this series is entirely opposite of such a notion. This series is about Nikhil, learning all the hard ways of adjustments and sacrifices with and for his in-laws.

Not Fit

Not Fit is all about hardships and struggles faced by an actor in Mumbai. It revolves around a fictional character. The series showcases the evil sides of the entertainment industry. This must be on your list.


Produced by Raghu Ram, the series is all about the Sci-fi world and is made for those who love watching science fiction. This is India’s first web series having a sci-fi genre revolving around a web developer and the intelligence created by him.

What’s Your Status

This web series is all about relationship status as shown through 3 different people who get along with the different phases of relationships.

No need to buy any membership, just plug your earphones in and happy watching!

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