Disclaimer: Alcohol is injurious to health. We don’t endorse the consumption of alcohol.

We all know that consumption of alcohol is injurious to health and causes heart problems, liver diseases and may cause problems in pregnancy. But do you know that consumption of alcohol in a moderate rate can pertain you from different health problems giving you a healthy lifestyle?

Strange, isn’t it? Scientific studies show that boozing once or twice a week have some beneficial perks with strange chances of changes in body weight, mental health, and moods. With all such unknown facts, let us give you a green light to the mentioned drinks which you should definitely add to your menu during your next happy hours.



With strange natural glycerine, beers are really good for health as it reduces the risk of heart diseases by lowering the rate of coronary heart problems. Though it tastes bitter, it can surely minimize your cholesterol levels.



Rum, when mixed with other drinks, gives a palatable taste along with other benefits as well. Consumption of rum can combat peripheral artery diseases and increases good cholesterol in your body, which reduces the risk of heart attacks. Not to forget, Rum also acts as a natural blood thinner and thus quite common in the Arctic.



Whiskey helps in weight loss. Yes, you can count on whiskey if you want to reduce your weight. With different blended style, whiskey helps in treating colds and sore throats. It is also common among the depressive patients as it helps as a stress destroyer reducing the cognition. If you are a diabetic patient then definitely add whiskey on the menu.



Specifically, Red Wine is seen as a drink with lesser evils and more goodness. Red wine helps in reducing depression by keeping you young and eliminating heart problems. Wine with a bit massaging creams can make you shine like a star giving you immense glow and fairer skin. Definitely, wine can give you untold happiness helping you live longer.



With natural disinfectant properties, vodka is used as an antiseptic way of treating wounds. Vodka helps in alleviating the risks of arthritis, diabetes, and stress. Thus, vodka can be prescribed as a medicinal drink for all kinds of ailments if consumed in a proper way.



Also, like vodka, it contains various medicinal ingredients which can be used to keep your skin healthy. If you want, you can use Gin along with apple cider vinegar as a hair mask. Gin helps in fighting bacteria which would keep your hair protected from dandruff and unwanted itching.



Tequila contains prebiotics and other elements which help in lowering blood sugar levels and prevent unwanted diseases. If you want, you can add tequila during boozing which would definitely help you in regulating your calorie intake.



Cider or champagne is said to be quite healthy and costly as well. If you have affordability then I would suggest adding cider on your menu because it would help you in weight loss as it is a gluten-free option.  Along with such magical benefits, it also helps in boosting your heart’s health.



With natural antioxidant compounds, brandy helps in eliminating skin problems by neutralizing the healthy cells of your skin. Brandy is quite common among aged people as it helps in preventing wrinkles, poor vision, and cognitive problems.

Go and grab your glass and enter your pour house.

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