From going on a literally blind date to blindly swiping to find love, dating apps have engrossed everyone. While some dates may land you behind the bars, others may give you the love of your life. But do people really use these apps to find the love of their lives? Not necessarily.

According to Gleeden, a french extra-marital dating app, 7 out of 10 women cheat on their spouses in India. The France based company has come up with a survey called ‘Why do women commit adultery?’ that strives to reveal why Indian women cheat on their spouses.


The company has over 5 million global users and 5 lakh Indian subscribers. Answering the survey, numerous women said they indulge in adultery because their husbands don’t assist them in household chores. The shocking findings also claimed that many women indulge because their marriages have turned monotonous.


The findings pointed out that Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Delhi have the maximum number of women who cheat on their spouses. The women fall in the early 30s to late 40s age bracket and are mostly married. They cheat because they’re tired of or fed up with their husbands.

The research also talked about the homosexual people, who get trapped or forced in traditional marriages, are now finding their same-sex partners on the app.


Well, the numbers and reasons revealed in the study are interesting and quite jolting. While adultery is no longer a criminal offense in India, it’s always advisable to Move on than to Cheat on.

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