Deodorants have created a completely different aura. The way they get marketed is commendable. In some markets, Deos are synonymous with a Man’s confidence. From spraying a bottle full of fragrance and expecting girls chasing you, to getting selected in a job interview, the commercials have set a different perspective.


Undoubtedly, the pheromones in Deodorants do help in attraction. But can it save someone’s life? Well, for some, it can.

A School-boy woke up from a three-week coma after smelling his favourite deodorant.


Kacper Krauze, for 25 minutes, submerged underwater after going into shock while swimming in the freezing water with friends. The emergency services pulled out his body from the river and medical assistants tried restarting his heart in an air ambulance.


Doctors, Nurses, and his family tried everything and anything to wake him up. Despite such efforts, he stayed in a coma for three-weeks until his Mother sprayed his favorite Deodorant at ICU. After sniffing his favored brand, the boy opened his eyes and woke up.

“It was a miracle. We had tried everything to wake him up. A nurse had suggested I bring some of his toiletries to wash him with. As soon as I sprayed the Lynx he opened his eyes immediately” told his Mother to Metro.

The family also tried playing his favorite music, talked to him for hours, prayed to god but the boy didn’t wake up from the coma.


“I will continue to wear it now, always. It’s my lucky charm.” says the boy.

Though it sounds bizarre, it’s completely a miracle. Waking up from coma after three-weeks and that too after sniffing the favorite fragrance, is something impossible to believe.

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