If you are a traveler and in search of lesser-known places, then Delhi should be on the list. There is some kind of aura in Delhi for those who love traveling. Ignoring the chaos of Delhi, there are some beautiful places to explore.

Other than historical places, Delhi is voguishly famous for many other lesser known places. With different time cycle and historical foundations, the lesser known places of Delhi can reveal its past, present and future prospects.

Let’s explore the unknowns of Delhi.

Majnu Ka Tila


Located at Gt road, this is famously known as the Tibetan Colony, inhabited by the Tibetan refugees. If you want to explore Tibetan culture and its tradition, this is the only place you must keep in your list.

Tughlaqabad Fort


Not so famous like other historical forts, but this fort can make you feel magnificent with its Bastions, color, and architectural elements. The fort portrays the history of Tughlaq dynasty.

Jamali Kamali Mosque


Located in northern Delhi, it is one of the gems of Sufis as it stands as the house of the graves of the great Sufi saint, Shaikh Jamali Kamboh. Though a grave, it also forms a tomb which brings out the uniqueness of this place.

Bijay Mandal


It represents the best rustic architecture ever seen in Delhi. Though it is a fort, it looks like a frontier palace built to protect Delhi from enemies. It resembles Golconda Fort but the only difference being the austerity it represents.

Mirza Ghalib Ki Haveli


Established in the memory of the poet Mirza Ghalib, it is situated in Chandni Chowk and represents the best architecture in terms of Haveli. The minakari work showcases the culture of Muslim and the interior represents the traits of Muslim poet and journey of such a renowned poet.

Agrasen Ki Baoli


Located at Connaught Place, this is one of the serene places ever visited by any Localite or traveler. Famous for its cold spots, it is known to be the most haunted place as well. If you’re planning to get you pre-wedding shoot done, consider this place.

Chor Minar


Located near Aurobindo Marg in Haus Khas, this Minar was built by Allaudin Khilji for his sinful works, such as displaying the heads of thieves and criminals on a spear. There are around 255 holes. As the name suggests, Chor Minar was known to be the tower of thieves.

Khooni Darwaza


As the name suggests, this place is known for its spooky yet true history as the sons of the Late Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, were shot at the gate. Thus, the monument was built as Lal Darwaza.



Naughara stands for 9 Homes. If you are a localite, then you can easily have access to this place as it is situated at the end of the Paranthe Wali Gali famous for having different and colorful Jain Havelis which can make you spellbound because of its charming architectural elements and colors.

Bhardwaj Lake


Situated at the outskirts of the city, this place exactly represents the features of a suburb area as surrounded by greenery and wildlife sanctuary maintained by the Indian Army.

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